Hey y'all!

I'm Chelsea, I've been at this photography thing now for 10 years! I bought a camera to take pictures of my babies because.. why wouldn't I want to take pictures of them?! They're perfect! I feel so blessed every day to be able to be a stay at home momma and live my dream of being a photographer. 


    My favorite thing to photograph would have to be children! I LOVE capturing their different personalities, their silly faces, and their toothless grins. However! I do also love capturing a families love for one another. I choose not to do a whole lot of posing. Instead, I like for my clients to hug, touch, laugh, cry (tears of joy of course), whatever it may be...just capturing the mood and emotion of my clients is my goal. 



    If there is one thing I think you should know about me and my photography it would be this... LIGHTING. I am a light chasing fool. Anywhere there are some beautiful rays of sunshine, I'll be running there to get my clients in it! I DO NOT shoot during the middle of the day, I only do my sessions in the evening so I can capture that golden light that I think makes an image so much more beautiful. Photography is art, I do my best to get the most beautiful lighting and the best location for photographs so that my clients will be proud to display my art on their walls. 



    I hope to see you and your family in the near future, whether it be for a wedding, newborn or family portraits! I love it all! ;) 

Why hire a photographer?

Whether it be me you hire or another photographer, make sure you find one that can help document memories for you and turn them into art that you are proud to showcase in your home.


    I don't just click a button on my fancy camera... I put a lot of time into each session. I take the time to edit lighting, color, vibrancy, all the way down to those little details like a strand of hair in your face. I want my clients to be proud to show off my work.  

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