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 Thinking about hiring a photographer for family pictures, a senior session, and especially a wedding can be very stressful! I'm sure you have many questions and I am more than happy to help answer those!






























What's in your bag? 

I have more than I need in my camera bag... the only items I use out of my bag are my camera which is a Canon 5D Mark iii 

and my 35mm lens. I occasionally break out my 85mm if I'm feeling fancy.


How would you describe your photography style?

I would describe my "style" as lifestyle/documentary type of photography. I don't do a whole lot of posing, I'm more of a director. I love big, genuine laughs and giggles, I love raw emotion and capturing the moment rather than the fake stiff posing.  


Will I receive all of my images after the session?

You will not receive ALL of your images. I go through the images and edit the ones worthy of being edited. Don't worry, I give you all of the ones that I think you would want.


Where do you order your prints and albums from?

I order my products directly from a professional lab that offers only the highest quality of printing. I always receive my items the very next day as well, so there is no wait time!


Do you offer payment plans?

ABSOLUTELY! I know that hiring a custom photographer is an investment, and I do all that I can to make the process as easy and enjoyable for you as possible. I offer payment plans to try and accommodate everyone's financial ability.


How long have you been doing photography?

I have been at this for TEN years now, granted I was just a beginner the first few years! I still take time and invest in my education. I love to learn new things every chance I get. 

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